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Michael Poon

Last year, when I told many of you that I was retiring, no one took any notice! Some even said "You retiring?" "Pull the other one".
Well, I finally retired last September, selling the business to
Bo and Yifan (Eve)
Yifan has been working in Poons for over a decade and I am sure many of you know her well.
I take this opportunity to thank all of you for your wonderful support over the years. I hope you’ll continue to do the same for
Bo and Yifan.
In fact, many of you have been "growing old" with me ever since
Poons was established. I sincerely thank and salute each and every one of you!

With Best Wishes to You All
(Human Resource and Financial Prosperity in Abundance)
Happy New Year
Goat Xi Fa Cai
Michael Poon